Our Schedule

  • Friday09/10/2015
  • Saturday10/10/2015
  • Sunday11/10/2015
10:00 AM

Registration and Check-In

05:00 PM

Opening Session: Welcome

Why we're all participating, and what it's is all about. Review the full weekend agenda. Introducing opening speakers and case-studies. We will be having a short panel session with speakers from Dubai and Italy talking about the importance of innovation and some of the things that are happening within this region, and somebody present from the global investment scene, giving a perspective on some of the trends and developments there.

06:30 PM

Say Hello and Pitch your idea!

Speed-networking session where you will have the chance to get to know the other participants. For those that have come with ideas that they would like to work on - this is here you get the chance to pitch!

07:00 PM

Team Formation

Teams start forming and discussing ideas, determining their roles, and planning their weekend.

07:30 PM


Start working! Formalize the teams and take an inventory of skills. Be sure you have all the team members and skills that you need in order to realize your idea.

07:00 AM


09:00 AM

ASK.TRY.DO: A Strategic Design Workshop

10:00 AM


06:00 PM

User Experience and Product Design

07:00 PM

Innovate and Dinner

11:00 PM

Brain Fuel

07:00 AM


08:00 AM

Goodmorning Session: How to develop the perfect pitch

09:00 AM

Innovative and Lunch

12:00 PM

Final Preparations

03:00 PM

Final Presentations

06:30 PM

Announcement of Winners / Final Ceremony


Take part in EXPO Innovation Challenge if you want to make an impact and you aren't afraid to challenge the status quo. Will you be there?